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Children's Dentistry

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We know getting to the dentist can be difficult between all your other day-to-day commitments. That’s why we make it easy for you with extended operating hours at our Robina, Gold Coast dental clinic!

Children's Dentistry

At WiSE Dental Clinic, we offer the latest in Children's Dentistry. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing an environment where we can make your child feel relaxed and comfortable at our freshly fitted-out dental clinic in Robina Town Centre. Children are often nervous patients and one bad experience can make future visits with any dentist difficult, so it is important that you choose the right team early!


We also believe that building a good foundation for your children's oral hygiene habits is critical. By educating your child and encouraging good oral hygiene early, they will be equipped for strong dental health into their adulthood.

Children's Dentistry 

We welcome you and your family to our practice! Simply give us a call or send us a message to book an appointment and our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible. Our dentists and staff are focused on creating a comforting space for children where they feel invited from their first step into the office. We also pride ourselves on the preventative approach so that your children’s smile and teeth can last a lifetime. 

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Why is children's dentistry important?

Children are the most at risk of cavities and tooth decay. This can cause toothaches, pain while eating and other more serious conditions. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that any issues found are rectified before they become more serious. Regular visits to the dentist also allow us to identify areas where your child may not be brushing correctly, and through education and encouragement, we'll be able to help them improve their oral hygiene habits which will carry into their adulthood.

Even with good dental hygiene habits, as children grow up their teeth and bite slowly change. It is important that we monitor these changes address any concerns early. Once they are adults, they will only have one set of teeth for the rest of our lives so it is important that at a young age that they come for regular visits for check-ups and cleanings to prevent cavities and other dental problems. This is why it is important that they learn to maintain and protect their teeth as early as possible. Bringing children at an early age helps them feel comfortable and cooperative for dental visits into their later years.

Why should we care about their baby teeth?

Baby teeth are temporary and many parents may think that they are not important. But there are many reasons why you should consider taking them to the dentist from an early age:

  • Cavities and tooth decay: If your child has cavities or tooth decay, it is important to have it fixed and a dental filling put in place to ensure that the tooth decay does not progress. As tooth decay progresses, your child will experience headaches, toothaches and sharp pains while eating. This is very unpleasant for your child and may affect their sleep.

  • Premature tooth loss: If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely (that is before their permanent teeth are ready to erupt), this can cause teeth to shift and crowding of the underlying adult teeth may occur. That can cause their adult teeth to erupt crooked which may be costly in the future. 

  • Aches and pains: Usually caused by tooth decay but often from other issues, it is important that we resolve this as it can be severely painful and cause future problems not only physically, but also mentally. It is common that a phobia of dentists in adulthood (dentophobia) is linked back to a traumatic dental experience as a child. Regular dental check-ups, cleans and early intervention can ensure that your child does not have to deal with any painful procedures.

  • Establishing good habits early: Breaking bad habits and establishing good habits can be very difficult, and once your child's adult teeth erupt, that will be the last set they get. By teaching them good habits early, they'll be better equipped to look after their permanent teeth.

By taking your child to see the dentist early, we can help ensure their adult teeth erupt nice and straight, reduce the potential of requiring braces and keeping your child pain-free is very important. Sometimes, your little one may experience a minor cavity or chip, and if it doesn't cause them any pain and we know their permanent teeth are erupting shortly, we often suggest that no action is taken. 

What is involved in Children's Dentistry?

The most important thing in pediatric dentistry is to prevent tooth decay. To do this, it is critical that we make sure your child feels welcomed, comfortable and has a great experience so that they are willing to come back in the future!

Early on, we will suggest that your child is acclimatised to seeing dentists gradually. Depending on your child and how nervous they are will determine what may occur during their first visits. If Their first appointments are often simple dental check-ups and minor cleaning only. This allows us to establish trust with your child and show them that the dentist is not a scary place! We'll also educate and talk your child through everything that is happening, every step of the way so that they understand the entire process.

If your child has cavities that need to be treated or are experiencing aches or pains, we will discuss this with you and provide you with a tailored treatment plan that your child will be comfortable with.

Children's Dentistry

Why is children's dentistry important?

Why do baby teeth matter?

What is involved in children's dentistry?

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