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Dental Check-Up & Cleans in Robina

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No-Gap check-up and clean in Gold Coast

For a limited time, you can experience our dental services and meet our team at WiSE dental Clinic Gold Coast! If you have health insurance, you will pay $0 out of pocket or just $149 without insurance! Contact us to book today!

Comprehensive Dental Check-Up and Clean

At WiSE Dental Clinic, we firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure. Routine dental check-ups and regular cleaning can help prevent larger issues down the road and allows for early detection, helping you avoid aches, pains and more serious dental problems.

Routine check-ups with a professional scale and clean are the most common reason patients visit the dentist. Check-ups and dentist teeth cleaning are in high demand year round at WiSE Dental Clinic, Gold Coast.

Limited Time Offer

No Gap Comprehensive Check-Up & Clean!

For a limited time, we're offering no gap comprehensive check-up & cleans at our Robina dental clinic!

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What happens during a Comprehensive Dental Check-up?

During your comprehensive dental check-up our friendly team will first discuss your overall health history and any concerns you may have with your oral health. This allows us to ensure we address your worries and pay extra close attention to the areas you’ve highlighted.

Your dentist and dental hygienist will then examine each individual tooth, your gums and your entire mouth to look for signs of build up, tooth decay, gum disease and screen you for oral cancer. We’ll provide you with an overall dental health assessment, with any identified issues explained to you thoroughly and discuss potential treatments that will help you correct them. Where required, x-rays will be taken to help us detect hidden decay, cysts or bone loss. We’ll also examine any existing restorations (fillings, crowns, etc) to ensure they are healthy.

What is involved with the cleaning?

Once we’ve completed your dental examination, we’ll proceed with a professional clean. Using specialised tools, we’ll complete a thorough clean or “hygiene scale” to remove any stubborn plaque and tartar (calculus) that may have built up. Once plaque becomes tartar, it can’t be removed with brushing alone so it’s important that you see us to take care of them. Often, this build-up will be between your teeth and on the inside-face of your teeth which are areas you can’t normally see. 

We then polish your teeth to remove any stains that may not have been removed during the cleaning process and apply fluoride to protect your teeth. This will have you leaving with that fresh mouth feeling!

How often should I get a routine Dental Check-up and clean?

We normally recommend you see your dentist every 6 months. But depending on your situation, we might recommend you see us more regularly. Unfortunately, areas that you miss during brushing are usually repeated and over a long period of time, this is where the build-up occurs. This is perfectly normal and usually occurs in the areas you cannot visually see. If this is the case, we’ll provide you guidance on areas to pay closer attention to during brushing and let you know if your adjustments have been effective at your next visit.


Importantly, regular check-ups can help you find things that your toothbrush can’t. When you visit our Gold Coast dental practice, our dentists will inspect each individual tooth carefully and identify any build-up (especially in areas that are hard to reach or hard to see). Using specialised tools, we can remove the build-up that brushing alone cannot remove by way of professional dental cleaning.

If you’re at a high risk for certain dental problems or diseases, you’ll likely benefit from more frequent dental visits. If you’re at a low risk for dental problems, you may see the same benefits from just two cleanings per year. Regular check-ups and professional dental cleanings allow dentists to identify problems and take care of them right away. 

Routine dental check-up and clean

Why do I need regular dental check-ups?

Check-ups are a vital part of preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry is an essential part of looking after your oral health and overall wellbeing. Dentistry should not only be thought of as a means to solve existing dental problems or as a tool to maintain the current condition of your teeth. We should also look to prevent the future occurrence of both minor (e.g. cavities, enamel wear, tooth sensitivity) and major (e.g. gum disease and infection) dental problems.

The more you are able to prevent gum disease and cavities or reverse the early signs of these conditions, the higher chance you have of keeping your teeth for life. The healthier your teeth and gums, the less likely you are to need further, more invasive or expensive dental treatments.

What is a dental deep clean and why might I need it?

A deep teeth cleaning (also known as gum therapy, gum scaling or root planing) is a procedure that can only be performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. The purpose of deep teeth cleanings is to treat periodontal or gum disease; a deep teeth cleaning is often advised for people who haven’t had regular dental cleaning appointments for a while but it may be recommended for anyone who has gum disease or periodontal issues.

During a standard dental cleaning, a dentist or dental hygienist will clean the front, back, and sides of the tooth above the gum line. This same process is completed during a deep teeth cleaning, but the dentist will also continue down to the root of the tooth, below the gum-line, removing tartar and other build-up from the “pocket” that has been formed between the root of the tooth and gums. When you have gum disease, this pocket opens up and becomes unusually wider and deeper, trapping tartar and plaque. Root planning is the second part of the dental deep cleaning process, which includes smoothing out and polishing the roots of your teeth.

What happens during a Comprehensive Dental Check-up?

A comprehensive dental check-up and clean  comes with many benefits. Some of these  benefits include:

  • Preventing tooth decay: The most obvious advantage of professional teeth cleaning is to keep your teeth healthy. Despite brushing and flossing your teeth every day, some debris and bacteria can escape these oral healthcare techniques. That is why you need a professional cleaning to truly get a proper clean.

  • Getting pearly whites: dental cleaning can remove early stains before they set in and become more permanent.

  • Eliminating bad breath: bad breath is often the result of having bits of food or bacteria trapped in your mouth, usually without you realising it. A thorough dental cleaning gets rid of any remnants of food and bacteria.

  • Saving time by combining this treatment with your check-up;

  • Protecting your overall health: besides a known link between gum disease and heart disease, patients should consider that dental cleanings can also prevent health risks like infections. A dental infection can spread to the rest of your body and become a severe and sometimes fatal illness.

Does it hurt to get my teeth cleaned by a dentist?

Not only is teeth cleaning typically pain-free but it leaves your mouth feeling wonderfully fresh and clean! You may experience some minor discomfort if your gums are inflamed, or you have severe build-up that needs a deeper clean. 

A good indicator of whether you will experience any discomfort is if you notice any bleeding when you brush your teeth at home. Some patients are in varying stages of gum disease or have very sensitive teeth and gums. If your teeth cleaning does hurt, let your dentist or dental hygienist know. They can alter the way they remove build-up to allow for the gentlest procedure possible.

Should you require a deeper clean, a local anaesthetic may be applied to ensure that you remain comfortable and pain-free for the duration of the procedure. Your comfort is paramount to us! The straight forward nature of a teeth cleaning procedure by a dentist, and our dedicated approach to ensuring your comfort assists with reducing dental anxiety or fear.

How much does a dental scale and clean cost?

In our experience, we find patients put off dental check-ups because they might be anxious, not in any pain or discomfort, are time poor or are worried about the costs of a comprehensive clean. At WiSE Dental Clinic, we do not want you to worry that professional teeth cleaning in the Gold Coast is expensive. We're offering cleans for $0 out of pocket should you have health insurance. If you don't, it's only $149!

According to Authority Dental and Dental Aware, professional teeth cleaning by a dentist in Australia can cost upwards of $250 for adults and a range anywhere from $259.59 – $307.41 or more, depending on the condition of your teeth, and your location.

We are excited to announce that we currently have a teeth cleaning promotion! The costs are: 

  • $0 (no gap) for patients with private health insurance, or 

  • Contact us for our latest promotional pricing if you are not making a claim with private health insurance

For patients with private health insurance, we have HICAPS so you can claim your health fund benefits on the spot. No gap payment means your treatment with us is essentially free! Whether you are a new or returning patient, if you do not have private health insurance, our Gold Coast based professional teeth cleaning service remains inexpensive.

Cheap teeth cleaning in the Gold Coast. Isn't $149 too cheap?

That's a great question! Cheap and quality usually do not go hand in hand. Maintaining high standards and quality at a low price is always difficult. So you are correct - this price is too cheap and it cannot last! We're doing this because we're confident that you'll love our team and will come back to visit us again. So get in quick as we cannot offer this price for long!


Our dental practice is brand new and this is our grand opening special. Because we're brand new, we have all the latest technology and equipment to assist us in providing the best quality care as possible. But just because we're brand new doesn't mean we're not experienced! Our dentists and dental hygienists are highly qualified (many with decades of experience) and we're passionate about your oral health.

We want our patients to feel valued and we also want them to value their oral health. So when it comes to complete oral healthcare with our highly experienced dentists, our comprehensive cleaning promotion is a good place to start. If you are looking for professional teeth cleaning in Robina, Gold Coast, contact our friendly team today to book an appointment.

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