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Teeth Whitening

WiSE Dental Clinic Gold Coast

Interesting in teeth whitening?

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Teeth Whitening in the Gold Coast

Your smile is important and is a defining feature of your face. A bright, friendly smile is one of the first things you notice when meeting someone new. A healthy looking, white smile is attractive, can boost your confidence and leave a memorable impression. White teeth are the easiest way to cosmetically improve your smile and professional teeth whitening has made this extremely easy.


At WiSE Dental Clinic, our dentists are highly experienced when it comes to safe and effective teeth whitening. When you are treated at our Gold Coast dental practice, we'll ensure that teeth whitening is safe for your teeth specifically, and can provide you an idea of how effective it may be before you make a decision. Teeth whitening may not be suitable for you and if this is the case, our dentists at our Robina practice will communicate this to you in detail.

Achieve whiter teeth!

At WiSE Dental Clinic on the Gold Coast

Did you know that we provide a whole range of cosmetic dentistry procedures? Because we have an experienced team of dentists and dental hygienists, we're able to offer a comprehensive list of dental services under one roof. You can see our entire range of cosmetic dentistry procedures here or get in contact with us to discuss your options.

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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening, also known as ‘bleaching’ or tooth whitening, is one of the most popular and cost-efficient forms of cosmetic dentistry. There are numerous reasons for teeth becoming discoloured. Teeth can become stained and darkened by:

  • Drinking beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, grape juice or coloured soft drinks such as Cola

  • Consuming foods such as curries

  • Smoking or using other tobacco products

  • The ageing process, which thins tooth dentin

  • Medications

  • Trauma

  • Plaque and tartar build-up

Not all tooth stains are created equal. Depending on the reasons why your teeth may have become discoloured, the problem might reside inside of the tooth or on the surface of the tooth. Stains inside the teeth are called intrinsic stains, while those on the surface are called extrinsic stains.


Intrinsic teeth discolouration takes place from inside a tooth. This may be due to an old filling that has never been replaced, which can leave the tooth looking grey or almost black. Medications such as an antibiotic called tetracycline can bond to the calcium in teeth and cause discolouration, and sometimes genetics can cause teeth to be naturally more yellow instead of white.


Some intrinsic discolouration may not respond to traditional teeth whitening solutions, but other options like dental veneers can help. A dental examination will determine which solution is best for you.


Extrinsic discolourations are due to stains that form on the external surface, or outside of teeth from consumption of foods and beverages or smoking. This type of discolouration responds well to teeth whitening, sometimes in as little as one visit, or with a professional home whitening kit.

What to expect from teeth whitening treatment

Teeth stains can be treated and signs of ageing can be reversed with professional teeth whitening. We offer two types of teeth whitening solutions at WiSE Dental:

  1. In-chair tooth whitening: In-chair teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to have your teeth whitened. It involves us carefully protecting your gums with a special rubber cover or coating and providing you protective glasses to wear. Because we can fully protect your gums from the treatment gels, a much stronger solution can be used as it will not be coming into contact with your gums. Comparatively, take-home kits and off-the-shelf kits you can purchase at your local pharmacy and grocery store use weaker whitening solutions as your gums cannot be properly covered at home. 

  2. Professional home whitening: This slower and gentler option involves using a take-home teeth whitening treatment kit that you apply yourself in the privacy of your own home. After a dental exam, your dentist will create a cast of your teeth so that a dental tray can be made and give necessary bleaching gel. These trays are made specially to place the whitening product directly against your teeth while minimising contact with your gums. When at home, you will simply put the gel in the dental tray and wear it over your teeth for the designated time instructed by your dentist. The gel must not be left on any longer than recommended and all safety precautions outlined by your dentist must be followed. The take-home whitening kit is made to be worn overnight for a recommended period of time, depending on how white you would like your end result to be. Typical stains of ageing will whiten in 7-14 days when the tray is worn overnight. The process generally may take up to four weeks and is highly customised so that you achieve the shade of white desired. 

Some common reasons as to why teeth whitening is so popular include:

  •  The relative low cost

  • Fast, almost immediate results

  • It is safe and effective

  • The procedure is non-invasive and painless

  • The ease of access to this procedure

  • The short time frame for treatment

Depending on your teeth, you can expect up to 8 shades whiter. This will be discussed with you in detail during your visit to our practice.

Will teeth whitening work for me?

When you visit our Gold Coast Dental Clinic, our experienced dentists and dental hygienists will firstly assess the condition of your teeth and your lifestyle factors to see if you are a suitable candidate for professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is not a one-size fits all procedure. If you have artificial teeth such as veneers or crowns, it is important to note that they will not respond to teeth whitening treatment. 

A significant lightening of teeth can be achieved for most patients, however, results vary for different people. Factors affecting the success of the procedure include:

  • The reason behind the discolouration

  • The degree to which the tooth is restored

  • The base colour of the tooth (i.e. yellow-hued teeth generally respond the best, while grey, brown and orange teeth are more difficult to lighten)

Certain conditions can preclude professional teeth whitening procedures, such as if you have sensitive teeth, if you are allergic to peroxide, or if you are pregnant and lactating.

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What is teeth whitening?

What to expect

Why professional teeth whitening?

What does the process of teeth whitening involve?

The first thing our dentists will need to do is complete a professional clean of your teeth before a whitening procedure and complete any fillings. We'll ensure that your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening and if there is a concern, we'll discuss this with you in detail. Then, our dentist will discuss with you the potential shades you may be able to achieve and assist you in choosing the best shade of white before you begin your treatment.

Our in-chair dental whitening takes around an hour to complete and is performed in a relaxing, soothing environment. The highly specialised procedure involves application of a tooth whitening gel, which contains between 25% to 40% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Ultraviolet light from a special heating lamp is aimed at your teeth for three 15 or 20-minute intervals, with reapplication of the tooth whitening gel between intervals. The bleaches in the tooth whitening gel is activated by the ultraviolet light, breaking stains into smaller pieces, which makes the colour of your teeth less concentrated and your teeth brighter. The procedure is designed to lighten and whiten the enamel and dentin of the teeth. A bright, white smile can be achieved in about an hour.

After you get your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist or dental hygienist will provide you with a customised home aftercare plan to help your smile stay bright. Some of the aftercare tips to retain your white teeth may include:

  • Maintaining consistent oral hygiene by flossing regularly and brushing at least twice daily with the recommended toothpaste provided by your dentist

  • Not smoking, especially in the first two weeks following treatment

  • Avoiding foods and drinks that may stain your teeth

  • Using a take home whitening kit to maintain the colour. These can be used every 6-12 months to keep your teeth their whitest

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Why choose professional teeth whitening from a dentist over DIY kits?

The procedure itself is painless. However, it can cause sensitivity to the teeth and gums and the discomfort experienced varies from patient to patient. While most patients experience no sensitivity, other patients must limit the strength and time of the bleaching to avoid it. In some cases, you may experience very minor discomfort that lasts 1-3 days after the treatment. If you have any concerns about sensitivity, talk to your dentist, and he or she may suggest some techniques and tips to prevent it after your teeth whitening procedure.

If completed incorrectly (commonly due to DIY over the counter kits), your tooth colour can appear uneven across the surface of the tooth, especially if the tooth was of uneven colour prior to teeth whitening. White spots or lines on teeth can be more visible but are due to dehydration of the tooth substance. You can avoid this by using a dentist that his highly experienced in teeth whitening. Also, any cracks within teeth might be seen to lighten more than the surrounding tooth.

Teeth whitening is not permanent and generally lasts from a few months up to three years, depending on your individual circumstances. Over time, teeth will stain and darken again so you may need regular teeth cleaning appointments or undergo another teeth whitening treatment.


Our team at WiSE Dental Clinic can help you achieve your dream smile with fast and effective teeth whitening options. Our dentists will advise if professional teeth whitening is appropriate for you and provide you with further information tailored to your needs.

Although teeth whitening can be done by yourself at home with various supermarket, over the counter or online products, they don’t always provide the brightening that most people desire, and it may take some weeks before results are visible.


Whitening strips and toothpastes can become tiresome and relatively expensive given the longer-term investment required. Also, whitening toothpastes that are available in the market may not be recommended as they contain abrasives and only remove surface stains from the teeth. If your teeth are discoloured due to thin dentin or problems due to trauma, over-the-counter methods might even worsen the problem. In-chair professional teeth whitening is recommended for those who want fast, safe and reliable results. One of the significant benefits of getting in-chair professional teeth whitening or using our professional home whitening kit is you can minimise the risk of any damage to tooth enamel and gums.


Only high-quality, reputable teeth whitening products are used that do not cause any damage to your tooth enamel. This is also the case for our professional take home whitening kits. With the professional take home whitening kits, we will make you a custom tray that fits your teeth perfectly, helping ensure the teeth whitening solution stays on your teeth and off your gums! The use of these products ensure that there are less risks of tooth sensitivity and root damage. Professional teeth whitening can save you time and money and intervene if you have oral health issues. Our experienced dentists can help determine the best treatment for your situation and make sure you get the results you want.

What are the risks and complications of teeth whitening?

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